Eighth Street
Eighth Street

My chosen hometown, and a pretty great place to be.

A round-up of posts on all about here:

What does Mr. Rogers have to do with neighborhood improvement? Well. Come see.

We’re a small town, but even here we have mode options when it comes to transportation.

Of course, some days it’s faster to walk than to drive…

I think things about the least of these I see around me.

Like most places, each and every one of us could save $7,000 a year or more if we made some simple changes.

I’m taking bets on when we’ll choose to use our space for just people rather than people in cars during Tulip Time.

Our downtown is TOTALLY AWESOME (cue Kung Fu Panda), but could be even better if it weren’t ringed by horrible high-speed roads.

And here are some beautiful things:
Blue Bike in the Rain

Red Fujisport 10″ (one of my favorites)

After the Rain

At the Market

Black and Copper Beauty

A Winter Sidewalk

Fishing by the Heinz Plant


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