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Green Commute Week Contest!

Green Commute Week!
Green Commute Week!

Green Commute Week is here again! And this year – a contest!

You all know I love alternative transportation. It saves money and lets me eat more ice cream, but most of all – it’s just FUN! Deciding to get around using not-the-car is something of a leap into the unknown, though, and those first few times can be intimidating.

And that’s where the contest comes in! It’s simple: try using a different mode of transportation to get to a place, and you’ll be entered into a contest to win one of two prizes (your choice): a $10 gift card to any locally-owned coffee shop, or a copy of Everyday Bicycling by Elly Blue. So if you normally drive to preschool, take your kids on the bike. Or walk from work to a coffee shop instead of stopping on the way in. Or plan an outing to the playground and take the bus there. Whatever you want! If you’ve ridden your bike to work but never taken it to the store, then taking it to the store counts; if you’ve taken the bus to the store but never with your kids, then bringing the kids counts. This is about trying new things!

Entering is easy: Head over to our Facebook page and say, “I did it! I ________________. It was awesome/okay/I thought I was going to die.” You can enter one time for each outing you do, with an extra entry for each kid you have with you. You can also get two extra entries for liking our Facebook page and another two for posting a picture of your adventure there!

So head out and try something new! Tell your friends, and forward this to everyone you know. This is going to be FUN!

For more information on Green Commute Week and the great freebies you get for participating, click here.