Bikes in Holland: Tickets Available Locally!

There are now two GREAT local businesses that you can support when you pick up your Bikes in Holland tickets! Simpatico Coffee (714 Michigan Ave.) in Holland and MainStreet Beanery (209 E. Main Ave.) in Zeeland are both selling tickets for this great event – cash only, so they don’t need to mess with their own cash drawers while doing us a favor.

We’ve talked before about why local businesses are better than chains, but here’s why I love these particular businesses.

Simpatico Coffee is a straight-trade coffee roaster and shop headquartered here in Holland, Michigan. Their claim to fame is a delicious low-acid brew, but I love them for their social consciousness and real-life compassion.

I was first drawn to Simpatico Coffee when I learned what straight-trade means. Simpatico works directly with coffee growers in Oaxaca, Mexico, ensuring them fair prices for their crops in part by cutting out middlemen who all demand a share of the profits. It’s a step up from fair trade. It’s also shade-grown coffee, meaning that it’s grown beneath the rainforest canopy – something coffee plants actually like – so the rainforest doesn’t need to be cut down for the farmers to be successful.

One afternoon when I brought the girls to their shop, Abigail left her lovey behind. She was distraught. Simpatico’s people were actually willing to go back into the shop after they had closed to get it for her! We decided to wait till morning, and when we arrived we found a little pink Buddy all tucked in to a crafted-coffee-cup bed with napkins tidily arranged as a pillow and blankets. I was so, so grateful. A great business to support, grab a cup (or a bag) of their award-winning coffee while you’re there.

MainStreet Beanery in Zeeland has been a haven for many years. This was one of my frequent haunts when I had a flock of toddlers and was losing my fool mind; I could always count on a smile, friendly small talk, and the grace of patience for my little terrors dears and their oft-spilled drinks. They’re right next door to Don’s Floral in downtown Zeeland, which is a fun browse while you’re waiting for your drink. My favorite here is the caramel cream. I don’t know if it’s on the menu, but they’ll know what you mean.

Whether you stop by one of these great local businesses or online, pick up a set of tickets today. I can’t tell you how much I hope to see you there!


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