It’s Coming… But Not Yet. Friday Teaser!

So you remember last week, how we talked about that winter bird singing through the snow and how we can sing against the odds, and then I told you that this week I would have a really! exciting! announcement! to make?



The good news is that the planned announcement has nothing to do with tortilla chips that were surreptitiously smashed into my sofa. The less-good news is that these chips represent an extra-chaotic week, and the full reveal is just plain not ready.

I’ll just go ahead and assume you weren’t planning your WHOLE week around this announcement and save the kleenex for another time.

But how about a little hint to tide you over?

Springtime… sweets… and…

Doesn't this look FUN?
Doesn’t this look FUN?

Any guesses?

Full reveal coming soon, I promise. In the meantime, step outside this weekend, find yourself something beautiful, and enjoy some good winter fun.