The Time Is Now (Wednesday’s Words)

Time is Now

Really, what do we have but today?

It struck me on the way to bring CJ to school this morning that she and her younger sisters may never be able to walk to school.

We stood for five minutes or so at State Street and our unmarked crosswalk at the bottom of a hill, traffic speeding by in the foggy early morning dusk. The State Street Sprint is something that we and our neighbors do every day. Three blocks from school, and on dark and slippery days we drive her solely so we don’t have to cross this treacherous street. In our search for our new home, we’re only looking at houses on the school side of State.

But the traffic tangle next to her school is just as bad, perhaps worse in some ways. Pro tip: If you’re squealing your tires in a school zone, you’re doing it wrong.

We WILL get there. We’ll make our cities and towns habitable to unadorned humans again, and maybe my grandchildren will be able to walk to school. I can’t go back in time and rearrange things to make the world my kids inhabit now different. All I, all any of us can do, is to plant that tree today.