A Short Break and a Question

^Taking a break, looking for candy^

Hey friends, I’m going to be taking a short break here for the next two weeks in order to get through a very special almost-five-year-old’s birthday and my favorite holuday – Thanksgiving! I do have a Wednesday’s Words post set to run the day before Thanksgiving, so you can look for that.

In the meantime, I’ll be planning out some future posts and would like to know what you a) like, b) loathe, and c) want to hear more of on this site. Is there a particular post that has really resonated with you in the past year? Something you’re wondering about, or an area you’re especially interested in? Let me know. I aim to please. 🙂

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments, or to email me at tulip dot lane at outlook dot com.

Happy Thanksgiving, and I’ll see you in December!