Start Where You Are (Wednesday’s Words)

Start - Use - Do - Ashe

You know that quote that talks about how our biggest fear is that we are really powerful beyond measure? Sometimes that resonates with me. Sometimes I think, that if I were to succeed with all the wild dreams that I come up with on beautiful days filled with sunshine and hot flowing coffee, I would find myself in a crashing ocean of I Don’t Know What I’m Doing. It’s hard to believe that could actually be a deterrent, but… sometimes.

Most days, though, it’s more the opposite. I look at the problems of the world and that’s where I find the crashing ocean. It’s like eating an elephant, and how on earth can I possibly even make the teeniest tiniest little difference?

So here I am, a housewife sitting in a small-town coffee shop on a rainy day. I have a computer, a few hours of internet access, and the hope that words really can change some things.

May you find the courage to do what you can with what you have, wherever you find yourself today.