Dinner and Bikes! Gelato Bikes! Family Bikes! (Fun Friday Five: April 12, 2013)

One one one!

First of all, I have a very exciting announcement to make – and the reason why this blog has been so quiet!

Dinner and Bikes is coming to Holland!
Dinner and Bikes is coming to Holland!

Dinner and Bikes is coming to in Holland!

This is what it’s all about:

A Dinner and Bikes evening includes a gourmet, vegan and gluten-free buffet dinner prepared by Joshua Ploeg, a presentation about transportation equity and the everyday bicycling movement by Elly Blue, and a near-complete excerpt from Aftermass, Joe Biel’s forthcoming documentary about the history of bicycling in Portland. The event is followed by a book signing with all three presenters, and some time to peruse our traveling bicycle and cooking themed bookshop.

It’s happening on Friday, May 3 – yes, right on the cusp of Tulip Time – at Velo City Cycles here in Holland!

It is going to be SO. MUCH. FUN. Tickets are $10 and you can buy them here. Space is limited, so get yours right away! I can’t wait to see you there! You can follow the event on Facebook, too.


This week, I took BOTH younger girls – that’s a four-year-old and a one-year-old on my bike to drop Abigail off at preschool. It was the very first time that I’d ridden with two kids outside our neighborhood (which I started doing a couple weeks ago to practice), and… it was really easy! This was something that had really intimidated me, but once I got on the bike and just did it it was just no big deal. I can tell a difference in the added weight, but it’s not remarkable. Biggest surprise? It only took about five minutes longer than driving, if that. The time gained in not having to wrestle kids in and out of seats and look for parking was more than enough to make up for the slightly slower ride. And it was FUN! Can’t say that about the minivan (Though it does have its perks when it’s 36F and raining sideways in mid-April. But I digress.)


A kaleidoscope of bikes: drop-off time at Rosa Parks school in San Francisco.
A kaleidoscope of bikes: drop-off time at Rosa Parks school in San Francisco.

This school in San Francisco has developed an amazing bicycle culture! I can hardly even imagine a line of bikes at our daughters’ schools at drop-off time, but this encourages me – it can happen here, too. If you’re wondering how to transport multiple kids on bikes, just take a look at this picture: the familiar trailer, but I also see a couple long-tail bikes, a TrailGator, and what looks like it might be a mid-tail. If you’re curious about this whole “family bikes” thing, click on this picture to get to the original article, then click on the photos there for a closer look. It’s some pretty cool, pretty inspiring stuff.


These crazy cargo bikes have so many uses. How about a gelato bike? A Madsen here…

Gelato Bike in action ...

I’d love to see one of these replace the sometimes-sketchy ice cream trucks that fly through our neighborhood!


A pretty pink longtail carrying two.

Finally, from Family Ride, a longtail bike carrying two. You can click around her bike for loads more pictures on different kid-and-bike set-ups, too.

And that’s it for now! It might be quiet around here for a little while longer, but I do hope to be back next week. Have a great weekend!