What’s Up in West Michigan? (Friday Five…er, Three)

Happy Friday! Did everyone survive Spring Break?


Holland has a group called 3sixty is working to build community and build up our core city. They’ve received assistance from the city to purchase a foreclosed property on the corner of 16th and River and are now planning to restore and rehab it – preserving commercial use on the ground floor and apartments above, which sounds pretty fantastic. There’s a bit of info in some meeting minutes here (page 111, in case that doesn’t go through). Good stuff!


Division Street in Grand Rapids was subjected to what’s called a “road diet” on a trial basis, and the initial report is in. Surprisingly, the results are somewhat mixed… This explains how road diets are generally supposed to work. We are SO ready for a road diet in Holland!


Speaking of road diets… Out in Allendale, there’s a movement afoot to keep 48th Avenue near Grand Valley State University from turning into a high-speed corridor, as the County Road Commission is planning to do. Well, okay – “movement” would be putting it a little too strongly; let’s call it an academic exercise and hope it turns into a movement. We’re rooting for you and all your pedestrians and cyclists, Allendale.

It’s been a crazy week, so we’re going light here. Have a great weekend, and remember to go somewhere using people power!