Michigan Rocks! Edition (Fun Friday Five, March 8, 2013)

Happy Friday!


Breaking news!!! This is probably the most exciting thing this week. Tripel Root brewery is COMING TO ZEELAND! This changes everything, friends. What a win for this little town! It looks like they’re moving into that ugly little office building on the corner of State and Main. Initial demo has begun… and they say, “We actually are going to turn the drive thru into a German-style Biergarten!” I can’t wait to check it out. Find out more on their Facebook page, here.

So what does this have to do with livability? The Principle of Community Awesomeness, my friends. It’s a thing. It means that you have places nearby that you WANT to go to, that are worth walking to. You can make things as pedestrian-friendly as you want, but you have to be interesting to win. THIS is interesting.


And more exciting news out of Zeeland: the little burg of Zeeland just passed a Complete Streets policy this week! This means that going forward, the city will officially be considering all ways of getting around in any new project they undertake (they say it’s been part of their process for a while – but now it’s official). This should be a great step forward in making this a community where everyone can fully live their lives, which is one of our primary goals here. Congratulations, Zeeland!


West Branch today

The town of West Branch is asking MDOT to allow a road diet downtown. “You can’t have outdoor seating with double-trailer logging trucks roaring past,” said a storeowner. So true, isn’t it? It would be great to see this succeed – just think what that could mean to this downtown! (I think this could be a series: Downtowns on Diets. You like?)


Atlantic Cities recently ran an article looking at the comeback of Detroit’s downtown. I found the results of the study they were looking at pretty surprising – and encouraging. Now that’s refreshing!


Green Commute Week is on its way! The weather is getting warmer… are you ready to ride??

You may have noticed that posting was a little light this week; I’m doing some behind-the-scenes organizing that will help us get good stuff out there to you predictably. You should see the pay-off soon!

Have a great weekend, everyone!