Friday Fun Day OR BUST: January 25, 2012

I hate my carseat.
I hate my carseat.

Boy, am I grumpy today! If you happen to be grumpy like me, here is your five-step plan to pulling out of the funk:

  1. Get out all the candles in the house. Light them. DO NOT BURN DOWN THE HOUSE. This is important. It negates the therapeutic effect – dosage is important here.
  2. Choose a beverage: coffee, tea, wine, whatever you fancy. Dosage is far less important here.
  3. Watch this video of crazy hamsters playing.
  4. Then read something interesting. I suggest this article, in which a transplanted German explains the differences between life for kids in Germany and America. Slide through the comments down to Betty for the observations of an American living in Germany. Interesting stuff that I bet some of you have seen firsthand – we observed this in Japan, as well.
  5. And whether you’re a blogger-person or a person-person, remember to be who God meant for you to be today. Even on days when that sounds SO much easier than it is!

Have a great weekend!