Dear Legos – huh?

Dear Legos,

This Christmas, my daughter begged for Legos. So we got her some, and other family got her some, and she played with them all Christmas long. Then I took a closer look at her “ambulance” lego box.

Whee! Riding a bike is fun!

Lego Guy riding bike. All is well.
Lego Guy riding bike. All is well.

Suddenly, we need an ambulance! Mr. Lego Guy is lying in the street and his helmet has been thrown off! His hair looks good, though.

Um... what?
Um… what?

He’s still smiling as he’s loaded onto the stretcher. Vicodin, maybe? I wouldn’t put it past Freaky Paramedic Dude. Maybe the AMBULANCE hit Mr. Lego Guy?

Happy to be on a stretcher!
Happy to be on a stretcher!
Loading up...
Loading up…

And off he goes, in the capable hands of the Freaky Paramedic Dude.

I feel the need... the need for speed!!!
I feel the need… the need for speed!!!

She loves these Legos. I’m just completely baffled by the little story line you’ve presented here. I mean, aren’t Legos Danish, and aren’t you Danes some of the biggest cyclists around? Do you think, surely this won’t faze American children! They’re accustomed to traffic fatalities!

What’s up with this?

Stumped Mother