Friday Fun Day! December 7, 2012

Remembering the day which lives in infamy today.

Pearl Harbor Memorial, August 2007
Pearl Harbor Memorial, August 2007

And on to some news… Bike traffic lights, common in Denmark, are now available in America, too!

A bike light in oregon - courtesy USAToday
A bike light in oregon – courtesy USAToday

Chicago has their first one, just a short road trip away. One of the tricks in accommodating both automobiles and bicycles is reducing the opportunity for uncertainty, so this is pretty cool. Also, a green bike-shaped light adds just a little bit of aesthetic awesomeness to the street.

We know that WalkScore is an awesome tool to help us understand how easily we can get around a neighborhood on foot, and the guys over there are doing an awesome job continuing to refine the system. The WalkScore of our current house is 5 (0 in their improved StreetSmart beta version, unsurprisingly), while the WalkScore of our target neighborhood is 86! We’ve been looking at a couple different neighborhoods, and this has really helped us see how much difference a few blocks can make.

And now, they’re expanding the toolbox to make it mobile
! WalkScore has introduced a new iPhone app that allows you to check the WalkScore of any neighborhood on the go. The best part of this for those of us who love to walk, though, is that it allows you to ” note walkability issues you find along the way. Since we can only improve things that we know need improvement, this has the potential to be a great step forward.

All right, does anyone remember Spiderman and His Amazing Friends?

My daughter adores it and is watching it right now, while I’m trying to finish this up. SUPER distracting. I’m calling it. Have a great week!