Friday Fun Day! November 16, 2012

Photo Jonathan Maus – Bike Portland

Okay, this is insane. Also, I love it. A mom with SIX KIDS getting them all around by bike! My favorite part of this photo may well be the girl riding backwards on the last bike in the family-chain, mouth wide open. If she were in my family, she’d be yelling, “MO-OOOOOOM!” I am completely inspired. My poor husband.

The woman’s name is Emily Finch, and she’s all over the place right now. What a riot. Full Hands features a video about her life, and I laughed the whole way through it. Friends, this is FUN. And that is what it is all about.* Check it out.

Good news for bike commuters in GR this week brought to us by the Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition – foldable bikes are indeed allowed on Rapid buses! This opens up a world of possibilities. One of the challenges facing a person attempting to get around in a multi-modal way (meaning using many modes of transportation, like a combination of walking, biking, and taking the bus) is that even buses with bike racks are typically only able to carry two or three bikes on the front. Getting to bring a foldable bike on the bus is a whole new kind of freedom! 

Miss Sara in the snow - photo by Rafaella Loro
I just discovered the blog Girls and Bicycles and am loving it. Do you see the snow in that picture?? Sara lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada which, in technical-speak, is way-the-freaky-heck up north – about as far north of Holland, Michigan as we are north of the Florida-Georgia border. Edmonton makes a Lakeshore winter look like a sunny spring day. Sara’s writing is fun, brilliant, and totally inspiring. Go check it out.

*That and the hokey pokey – which is also pretty fun, so maybe it’s all the same thing.