Does One Vote Matter?

I’m thankful, today, that the bitter electioneering is over, and ready for us as a country to get back to work. But from those whose candidates lost, in particular, I keep hearing this – why did I bother? why did I stand in line to vote? did my vote even count?

And the cheery answer is YES! Of course your vote counted! Every! Vote! Counts!

This is true in local races, the ones where a precinct might see 300 or 30 voters, the ones nobody really knows about very few bother to vote in. These are the races that are won and lost by margins of one.

But in a massive presidential race, we all know that our one measly vote is just a little bit small to REALLY count.  This is a tremendous country.  But that’s okay. Because you do not contain all that America is within your self and your life. Neither do I. This secular sacred day that we just celebrated isn’t about individuals. It’s really not about the parties, either. One this one day, we put aside our rugged individualism aside long enough to be a drop in the bucket, sloshing around with all the rest.  We’re part of a community, a nation, and we stand in line with our neighbors to celebrate that. It’s our duty and our privilege.

Today, though – the day after the election – today is when the One matters again. Today is when I decide if I’m going to do the work that one person can do to make my community stronger, if I’m going to tutor a neighbor kid, if I’m going to walk down the block and say hi to the neighbor raking leaves. Because although our little votes seem to get lost in a big election, the little actions we take every day are the things that make our communities stronger.

I’m off to find my one thing. What will yours be?