Friday Fun Day! NYC Edition, November 2, 2012

In New York, reports of an “emergency biketopia!” Click over for some great pics at that link.  With the subways down and bridges restricted to high-occupancy vehicles only, alternative transportation is mainstream in New York this week. Thank goodness for bike lanes!

Thankfully, the subway is staggering back to life – probably not soon enough to manage the marathon my brother and many others are running this weekend – but Sandy may have pointed out how, again, our infrastructure is just not up to snuff. This is one of the great arguments for multi-modality (designing for all sorts of ways of getting around) – when one fails, another can be there to pick up the slack. That only works if all systems are in good repair, though. One of the articles above quotes a Chinese student who claims that the subways in his home city wouldn’t have succumbed to something so mundane as a hurricane. Was this preventable?  Along those lines, we’re hearing calls to take advantage of the opportunity inherent in disaster to rebuild the subway system better than it was before. Lemons into lemonade, so to speak.

Now, isn’t part of the fun just considering what may be possible? First, the CBC does an audio interview on the question, Can a Cargo Bike Replace a Family Car? Some supporting documentation comes with this video of a family that actually MOVED by bike… Wow! Personally, I think I’d choose a car for that maneuver – but again, possibilities!

Riding bikes through a Copenhagen winter

Beginning to think about winter now… Mikael of Copenhagenize and Copenhagen Chic published an article last January on why we shouldn’t overcomplicate the idea of riding bikes in the winter. WHAT! Riding bikes in WINTER? What’s not complicated about that? Well, he got some crap for this article because, after all, we don’t all live in a bike-riding mecca like Copenhagen – but a great article here for considering possibilities and broadening our views of what might be possible. And I LOVE that photo!

Next up, and completely unrelated to any kind of transportation, Henri the Existential Cat ruminates on Halloween – in French (never fear, there are subtitles). Would it be as amusing in English? I think not.

Have a great weekend, everyone!