Puffing Away

Puffing away would describe me on the way in to work… and what I saw on the way home.  What a ride today!  It looked windy when I left the house and I doubt I would have ridden had it not been Green Commute Week, but I’ve committed to try to ride every day this week and a little wind didn’t seem like a very persuasive excuse for wimping out.  (“Try”, by the way, meaning that I’m not going to ride in a storm unless the laws of nature are changed such that I could single-handedly stop global climate change by so doing.  So. )

The ride in, facing a 33 mph headwind on a path that trends vaguely uphill, was brutal.  I was also trying to go a little faster than my normal meander, thinking that I may be settling for an excessively poky pace.  In spite of the wind, my sweaty self pulled into work thirty minutes after I left home.  It was great and all, but I’m happy to resume my former pace tomorrow.  Style over speed. 🙂

If I had chosen to drive today, though, I would have missed the highlight of today’s ride!  On the way home, I passed a woman out power-walking with her friend, all dressed in Spandex and ready to take on the world.. but for the cigarette swinging in her left hand that she was puffing on mid-stride.  Totally worth it.