Green Commute Week

In honor of Green Commute Week here in the Macatawa Bay area, I’ve decided to start blogging again.

On the ride today

I’ve been bike commuting to work on occasion since early this spring, choosing to ride when weather and schedule allow.  My route is four miles from my home in suburban Zeeland to work in downtown Holland, and usually takes me about thirty-five to forty minutes to complete – just enough time to decompress and transition from home to work or vice-versa.  Since I work part-time, my mornings are filled with laundry, storybooks, and trying to prevent a three-year-old from licking the handrail in the coffee shop bathroom (preferably without dropping her baby sister).  When I head out the door in early afternoon and hop on my bike, I feel like I’m getting away with murder as I cruise off in my low-tech zero-emissions vehicle.  I’m alone with my thoughts, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air and subversive satisfaction of getting some exercise without going to the gym.  Beautiful.

It’s not always sunshine and roses.  There are scary roads and potholes and a cycling infrastructure that isn’t all we might dream.  But I’m sure we’ll get to that another day.  For today, I’m choosing to think on the scent of the wetlands and sound of the spring peepers I heard singing just a couple weeks ago.